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Valentine’s Day in the ‘bluff

February 15, 2010

Yes, there is an “L” in that word in the title. I’m talking about Valentine’s Day in Scottsbluff, not a nudist colony.

Peruse the local paper leading up to Valentine’s Day, and you could find plenty of Things To Do on V-day weekend: Rosita’s Sweetheart Dinner, Fariview Cafe prime rib dinner, Prime Cut surf & turf, surf & turf for two at Dad’s Bar & Grill, Valentine’s Day movie at the Nile Theater, The Feed Barn breakfast buffet or brunch, reservations at the Little Moon Supper Club, specials at The Sugar Club Lounge and Restaurant.

The entertainment we chose? Seeing Up in the Air at the Midwest Theater on Saturday night, and running the bluff on Sunday.

A bit o' bubbly to enhance the movie-going experience.

I think the Midwest Theater is romantic in itself, but the event planners at the theater one-upped the ordinary night out at the movies: you could buy chocolates and a bottle of champagne to enjoy with your movie! The champagne was put on ice in a bucket gussied up with ribbons, the individually-wrapped chocolates came in a heart-decorated gift bag, and as a finishing touch, we got dainty Valentine’s party napkins, in case we spilled (for once, I didn’t!).

I’ve heard of “Brew & View“-type movie theaters that serve beer during the show, but I’ve never been to one. I have to say, a little alcohol does tend to enhance the movie-going experience. The jokes were funnier, and George Clooney was hotter (and so was Sam Elliott; have to admit a bit of a crush on his persona).

While the main character in Up in the Air is a road warrior, he does call Omaha “home”. There were a few little digs at Omaha in the movie, and every time, a murmur ran through the audience. I couldn’t tell if it was a murmur of amusement, recognition, or offense.

After the film, several people around me groused that it was “no kind of ending for the movie, especially for Valentine’s Day”, but I really liked it (or was it the champagne?).

On Sunday, husband and I attempted our weekly “run” up the bluff, and encountered several couples hiking up, despite the 20-30 mile-per-hour wind gusts that brought the windchill down into the teens. The air was clear up there, and the view was fantastic; Laramie Peak was plainly visible 120 miles to the west. (Wish I’d brought my camera.)

Getting a bit of exercise, fresh air, sunshine, and a great view to boot? Definitely romantic.

Copyright 2010 by Katie Bradshaw

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  1. February 15, 2010 2:32 pm

    I was in Omaha when they were filming “Up in the Air” and there were a bunch of people standing on the streets near a building in which they were shooting a scene hoping to get a glimpse of the great GC! What a smile–I saw it (the movie) Sun and said as I was walking into the theater, I’m falling in love with him again!


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