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In case you’re wondering if the river pathway is flooded:

May 12, 2016

It is.

I’d seen pictures on social media showing that the portion of the Monument Valley Pathway where it ducks under the 10th Street/Broadway bridge was under water.


Photo from Region 22 Emergency Management Facebook page May 11, 2016

This didn’t surprise me. That section of trail often goes under water.

I just wondered about the rest of it.

I met someone yesterday morning for a walking meeting, and we soon discovered that, yes, other sections of the pathway are under water, too.


May 11, 2016: the pathway is closed about 1,200 feet west of the 10th Street/Broadway bridge.

The National Weather Service in Cheyenne posted: “N Platte River at Mitchell NE forecast to rise to 9.5 ft just shy of 2011 Flood level.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 7.32.12 AM

Gosh, I sure hope it doesn’t hit 2011 flood stage. That was a mess.

I love the section of Monument Valley Pathway along the river. I am ever so glad it exists.

But I got to thinking during my walking meeting yesterday: if this pathway is considered part of the connectivity of walking and biking transportation infrastructure in our community, it really shows how non-motorized modes of transportation are playing second fiddle to cars. Can you imagine if portions of the Beltline Highway were under water for months at a time? People wouldn’t stand for it.

It’s not just Scottsbluff that has this problem. River flooding shuts down bike throughways even in bike-friendly Fort Collins:

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 7.54.10 AM

Just some things to think about for infrastructure planning, inspired by a detoured walk on a beautiful, breezy spring day.

Copyright 2016 by Katie Bradshaw

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