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Update to the DWTS post

January 25, 2016

Wow. A lot has happened since that last post on the new Dancing With The Stars fundraiser!

The biggest news is, THE EVENT HAS SOLD OUT! Tables of eight are being asked to convert to tables of 10 to fit everyone in. Wow! It’s clear we’re onto a good idea here, and also that we have a lot of great community support – and also support from the dancers and their friends, Tabor Dance Academy, and business sponsors Sherard Hearing Aid Center, Webb Orthodontics, The Mixing Bowl and Gutwein Appraisal.

There is a wait list for tickets, so if you don’t have tickets but still want to go, contact Jennifer Rogers 308-765-0524 and get your name on the list, in case we have some cancellations. It probably goes without being said, but there will be no ticket sales at the door the night of the event.

A few more dancers have signed up – Luray Neuwirth & Jonathan Hunzeker, Lisa & Ezdan Fluckiger, Lesley Gaunt & Jim Collister – bringing the competition number up to 15 couples!

It’s going to be quite a shebang, with more than 400 people attending and 30 dancers, plus entertainment. If you are attending the event, here’s a rundown of how it’s anticipated to unfold:

UPDATE: I’ve had to delete the suggested start times and blur the timeline a bit. Since this is a first-time event, it’s not precisely sure how things will go, and some changes may need to be made on the fly. So if you’re part of the first-run crowd on this pioneering event please bear with us!

6:30 p.m. – Event officially starts. Attendees are encouraged to arrive punctually, or even early, so they can check in, get oriented, get some voting “funny money,” get snacks, and find their tables. Because of the size of the event, there will be assigned seating. UPDATE: because of the larger-than-expected response, a plated meal will be served instead of appetizers.

Official welcome and overview of the evening, with Zac Karpf emceeing. There will be performances by Tabor Dance Academy dancers and tap dancer Kyle Van Newkirk. The competition will include each couple dancing a maximum of 2 minutes. A DJ will be helping with the music, and the dancers will be filmed and projected onto the big screen, so everyone in the room can see the action. Voting will be encouraged throughout the evening at designated voting stations, and the competing couples will also be lobbying for votes. The purchase of more vote tickets throughout the night is encouraged. The ticket booth is planned to be next to the cash bar. 🙂

After the final competition dance, the votes will be called in. While the votes are being counted, there will be a live auction for some big-ticket items:

  • Deadwood Gulch trip
  • Schlothauer Condo
  • Husker Tickets (10/1/16 game with Illinois)
  • Tablet Computer
  • Rockies Tickets (6 tickets)
  • Gering Citizen Advertising
  • Jewelry Donation by G&T Reichert’s Jewelry
  • Jewelry Donation by Riddles Jewelry

I’ll be off working behind the scenes with vote counting (I have all that vote-counting experience from past years with the museum Christmas tree contest), so I may not see much of you if you’re at the event. It promises to be a good time!


The DWTS fundraiser was fun, and it was a success. Over $20,000 was raised last night for Soroptimist programming, and attendees are already talking about next year, including some folks who want to practice all year and dance in the second event. I must give kudos to the folks who thought up this new idea and had the energy to run with it. Also, huge props to the dancers – first, to the Tabor Dance Academy dancers and Kyle Van Newkirk, who kicked off the evening on an elegant, energetic, and colorful note, and second, to the 15 pairs of volunteers who stepped up to step it up for a good cause. It was the strength of your performances – your grace and strength and courage and sense of fun that made everything work. And thank you to the people who worked behind the scenes: the sponsors, the Soroptimists, the DJ, the film crew, the Civic Center crew. Well done, everyone! Well done!

I did not take pictures, save for a couple of my friends who agreed to dance in the event when I asked if they would be interested. Here is the one “action shot” I have that was not too blurry:


Lesley and Jim, you guys were great!

Copyright 2016 by Katie Bradshaw

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