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Oh what fun, the Jingle Jog!

December 5, 2015

I loves me some goofiness. Particularly public displays of goofiness. So when I heard about the new event in Scottsbluff – the Jingle Jog – I was all for it.

A couple hundred people running in Santa outfits and jingle bells? Sign me up!

With registration, you got a Jingle Jog backpack bag, a long-sleeved Santa shirt, a Santa hat, a jingle bell bracelet, a green rubber bracelet, and a few coupons from sponsoring businesses. Everyone wore their hats and shirts and jingle bells to great effect! Before the race started, we also all got candy-striped glow-stick necklaces to wear for visibility at dusk.

elf hats

Bugman and I wore the silly long elf hats one of my sisters gave us for Christmas last year. The wonderful thing about these hats is that they’re so ridiculously long, they can be wrapped around your neck as a scarf, which is very handy when you’re walking home in the cold, post-run. Check out the for-realz Santa checking out our hats in the background. Yeah, he’s jealous.

santa skirt

Quite a few other people had outstanding additions to their Santa shirts. Loved the tutu and leggings!

crawling with santas

Downtown Scottsbluff was crawling with Santas.

santas ride

THE Santa’s sweet ride for the evening was an ATV. He led the race, with the runners following behind.

Along the course, there were fun decorations and generous amounts of treat stations. I did not partake of the treats, as I was attempting to actually run the whole course, and my stomach certainly would not be having any shenanigans like cookies or M&Ms or hot chocolate while I was running, but the whole concept was fun.

candy cane arch

And we’re off, through the candy cane arch which would serve as our finish line a few miles later on this loop course that started and ended downtown and looped around the mall in the middle.

national honor society treat station

The Scottsbluff High School National Honor Society treat station at the library

holiday inn express treat station

Holiday Inn Express treat station in Centennial Park

candy cane lane

20th Street became Candy Cane Lane, lined with holiday decorations.


There was a caroling station, too! From the portion of the sign I can see, I would guess it was Roosevelt Elementary students. Thanks, kiddos! You were awesome!

NEXT treat station

NEXT Young Professionals treat station at Monument Mall

army treat station

Army treat station at Monument Mall

After the race, there were still more cookies to be had downtown, at a treat station staffed by the Kiwanis.

Then, more festivities! A giant letter to Santa, a photo booth, carriage rides . . .

downtown bonfire

Broadway was closed off, and bonfires were lit in the street.

grinch in the street

“The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” played on a big screen in the middle of the street.

And all the businesses up and down Broadway had Christmas decorations and lights, and many of the stores were open for shopping. The event was a boon for business, I’m sure!

We popped into Teacher’s Corner, Runza, Blue Stem, and Studio B. (Regarding the latter: if someone wants to buy me one of Yelena Khanevskaya’s Christmas ornament paintings, I would not be sad.)

Fun times! Fun times!

I hope to see the Jingle Jog and Christmas on Broadway continued. Kudos to the organizers and sponsors and volunteers!

Copyright 2015 by Katie Bradshaw

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