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Nebraska license plate idea

March 24, 2015

So, I had an idea yesterday.

I was on the road, idly gazing at license plates, when I saw a Utah plate.

blankPlate“Arches National Park,” I thought. “I’d like to go there.”

Then, the style of the plate suddenly reminded me of something else: the series of Great Plains ecotourism posters I recently posted about.

What if . . . what if . . . when it’s time to get rid of our boring bird-and-flower design, we issue a series of plates styled with the ecotourism poster designs? THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!!!

I’ve previously written about the Nebraska license plate. In fact, it’s my most popular post of all time. A state’s license plates really matter – to its people and to its brand. (Interesting survey of favorite license plates (possibly done in late 2013?) here. The top three are Wyoming, Hawaii, and Utah.)

Hmmm . . . which plate would I choose?

For me, it might matter how well the design was adapted, but, in support of cycling, I might choose a rails-to-trails plate.

eco-praire-grassBut then, there’s that insect thing – that might win out, actually, in an entomologist’s household.


I would also like the Fossil Freeway one, because I like the color purple. And the starry sky with windmill? That would be awesome, too. I bet that would be the most popular one out here in Wyobraska.

I don’t imaging the prairie dog plates would be too popular out here in ranch country, but Senator Ernie Chambers might like them.

eco-prairie-dogSo – what do you think? Good idea? Then let’s share away and get ‘er done!

What would be YOUR favorite plate?

Copyright 2015 by Katie Bradshaw

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