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Mind shutter moments

January 1, 2013

I’ve captured many photographs of my world and shared them on this blog. According to my year-end report from WordPress, I uploaded 477 images in 2012. But those are my “lazy” images.

In the age of the digital camera, it’s easy enough to capture and store spectacular or illustrative images.

What’s harder and takes more mindfulness and can even make you “live longer” is to capture in your mind spectacular or poignant images from your everyday life.

According to psychological research, time seems to fly by as we get older because when life becomes so familiar, our brains tend to coast and lay down a less dense layer of memory and novel experience that “plays back” at a faster rate. When we take the time to truly look at and experience our surroundings, we can discover novelty and joy in the mundane. See, for example, the video by Maggie Starbard imbedded in this news story. She chose to notice some pretty awesome bits of everyday life in that video.

Whenever I find myself taking notice of remarkable images of the everyday and I know that either my camera is out of reach or would be useless at truly capturing the moment, I imagine snapping a photo of the moment in my mind. I even imagine the sound of my mental camera shutter. *click*

I make an effort to remember that moment, revisiting it a few times and, if I can, sharing it with someone else. Here was one such moment I shared with you back in February 2011.

I will share a few of my more recent mind shutter moments here:

Driving home through the Nebraska Sandhills at sunset: on a hill – a herd of horses standing at the fence alongside the road, silhouetted in black against the orange sky. *click*

Passing a cemetery, also at sunset: the light glints just so off of the polished headstones, making it appear as though each grave were lit from within against the encroaching darkness. *click*

A later cemetery, in a rural area after dark, noticeable only because family members had set solar-powered lights beside their loved ones’ graves, creating the impression of a fairy gathering. *click*

Outside the post office on a snowy day, in the passenger seat of a car parked at the curb, a large dog with a very resigned expression on his face, a frisbee clutched hopefully in his mouth. *click*

In a residential neighborhood, leaning against a house at the top of a fairly steep slope of brown lawn, a bright yellow plastic sled expressing hope for a change in the weather. *click*

My near year’s wish for you, readers, is that you will all pause at otherwise mundane times in your lives and truly look. Notice how amazing life can be and store up those images in your mind for a rainy day.

Or, even better, make a commitment to share those ordinary bits of beauty with others.

It may encourage them to open their eyes, too.

Wishing you a year of amazing “mind shutter” moments…


Copyright 2013 by Katie Bradshaw

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  1. Suzie permalink
    January 1, 2013 9:48 pm

    Thank you, your viewpoint inspires me!

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