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Beautiful autumn day

November 3, 2012

When I stepped outside in my pajamas this morning to grab the paper, the air felt oddly warm. Great sunny day for a jaunt to Scotts Bluff National Monument!

Bugman and I put on our running gear so we could get a workout in while enjoying the scenery on such a beautiful day. We only encountered four other people out there (including two friends). So odd that more people don’t take advantage of the national park in their backyard on a 60-degree November Saturday.

Here are some pictures of Bugman as he got farther and farther ahead of me on Saddle Rock Trail:

Good thing he’s wearing red so you can still see him way up there.

He’s baaarely visible in this photo, on the slight diagonal line at left, leading to the tunnel at center. When I stopped to take this picture, I got distracted by a flock of gray-crowned rosy-finches foraging on the bluff face next to me.

Today wasn’t the only awesome autumn day when we’ve gotten out and about. Last Saturday, we drove down to Sidney so Bugman could check out firearms at Cabela’s in prep for goose season. There was some lovely scenery on the drive.

The snowstorm the week before hit the area of Cheyenne County west of Sidney hardest. The snow still lay thick in the hollows.

Pintos set against patchy snow are a visual delight!

Kimball County antelope in the late afternoon.

Just next to the road: several shapes in the corn. Oh deer!

Banner County big sky, with a little rain shower in the distance.

This is beautiful country I live in.

Copyright 2012 by Katie Bradshaw

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