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Snow day is Kiwanis Family Fun Day at FARM

October 6, 2012

I can recall some years ago being deeply disappointed that no one could see the Indian princess costume I made myself, out of brown paper bags, because I had to wear a coat. It was snowing on Halloween in the Chicago area.

October snow is not all that unusual in the Midwest. October snow in the High Plains of the Nebraska Panhandle can pretty much be counted on.

Today is October 6, and it is snowing enough to cover in white the grass and trees and flowers … and PUMPKINS!

The Gering Kiwanis is hosting a Family Fun Day at the Farm And Ranch Museum today. Those Kiwanians (and western Nebraskans) are a hardy bunch, so the snow has not thwarted the event, which runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. – just changed it a little bit.

First of all – admission is FREE!

You don’t have to trudge out into the snowy pumpkin patch to pick your fine, fine pumpkins.

Snow-covered pumpkin blossom

A good selection of pumpkins has been pre-picked for you and arrayed in the nice, warm lobby of the museum.

Price of a pumpkin ranges from $1 to $3, depending on size.

There is food available (I saw a couple of pies making their way in the door), and plenty of indoor activities: bean collages, pumpkin painting, and games.

Monster hoop toss

But for me, the best part of all (aside from purchasing pumpkins for a good cause – I love carving Halloween pumpkins!) is the OUTSIDE stuff!

I am descended of Minnesota stock. Being outdoors in the snow is FUN!!!

The hay bale fort is now a snow fort. Why not come out and make a miniature snowman army along the ramparts?

And then – get this! – wander the corn maze in the snow! It will either be easier or harder, depending on whether the tracks of the person ahead of you go in the right direction. It would be possible to be very devious with false-lead footprints out there, methinks!

Grab the family and head on out to FARM!

The snow doesn’t bother the longhorns – why should it bother you?

UPDATE: Farm And Ranch Museum joined forces with the former North Platte Valley Museum to become Legacy of the Plains Museum at 2930 Old Oregon Trail in Gering. See the Legacy of the Plains Museum website for the most recent updates.

Copyright 2012 by Katie Bradshaw

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