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“El Grito de Dolores” in Scottsbluff

September 24, 2011

Yes, yes. Another way late blog post.

Back on September 10, I stopped in at the Guadalupe Center to check out the early September 16 fiesta for Mexico’s Independence Day. (No, Cinco de Mayo is not an Independence Day.)

The west parking lot was abuzz with a children’s penny carnival sponsored by the PRIDE youth group. A couple of cool dudes lounged in the shade of the building, keeping an eye on their hot rod cars on display as part of the event’s car show.

Inside the Guadalupe Center, the stage was decked out with colorful decorations that flapped in the gale created by the fans set up to keep the audience cool. The Los Guadalupanos dancers stomped their feet and flapped their bright-colored dresses. A band belted out traditional songs.

There was a small art show with work from Hispanic artists.

And then there was the food. (The main reason I came!)

There were enchiladas and tacos and bowls of menudo. I snagged a very tasty pumpkin empanada. Then I decided on the gustatory delight that I’m not sure I’ve posted about before (which I’d never heard of before I moved here): the “Indian taco.”

It’s like a tostada, but with Indian frybread as a base instead of the fried corn tortilla.

Don’t know about frybread? The Smithsonian Institution posted a great synopsis of the complicated relationship between Indian people and frybread here.

Oh yeah . . . and the festival also featured cotton candy. ♥!!!

I’d post a picture of it, but the photo I took makes it look like fiberglass insulation. You all know what cotton candy looks like anyway.

Thanks for the food fix, Guadalupe Center!

¡Viva Mexico!

Copyright 2011 by Katie Bradshaw

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  1. Cherie permalink
    September 24, 2011 3:55 pm

    Oh yum, I love Indian tacos. I never actually ate them when I lived in Scb, but my husbands best friends when we first started dating were a native American couple living in Lawrence KS. Marcia used to make them all the time!

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