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The Scottsbluff Aussie burger

August 11, 2011

Back in 2004, Bugman and I were in Australia so he could attend – go figure – an entomology conference. The Summer Olympics were going on, and some of the Aussies we met were giving us good-natured crap about how their team was doing compared to the U.S. team. So, we spent a not-insignificant amount of time watching the games, which meant we wound up watching a lot of Australian television commercials.

The commercial that stuck indelibly in my memory, both from repetition and later affectionate mocking, was one for the Australian franchisee, Hungry Jack’s. The commercial was peopled by hip surfer-types who sang something like “Oy, oy, oy. I like that,” followed by a description of an Australian hamburger’s toppings: cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, egg and beetroot.

“It’s not Australian without beetroot,” the Aussie surfers drawled.

From then on, whenever Bugman or I would see a beet, it was “Not Australian without beetroot.”

While I had beets (and pineapple, with the beets) on salad when I was Down Under, I never got around to trying an Aussie burger.

In fact, I had not until recently eaten beets voluntarily. They kinda tasted like dirt to me when I was a kid, and I never had the urge to try them after that.

Thanks to beets being one of the few veggies available at the Downtown Scottsbluff Farmer’s Market early in the season, I bought some and then looked around online for a recipe.

Here’s a bit of yumminess: Snap off the tops (save to cook as a veggie burrito topping later) and wash the beets, put them in a covered dish and nuke until they start to get tender (8-10 min in my micro), let cool a bit, peel and dice the beets, then toss in lemon juice and olive oil and add to lettuce and feta cheese. Divine!!

After I learned that I liked beets, I needed to finally try this Aussie burger, and the farmer’s market had most of the ingredients!

This particular Scottsbluff Aussie burger had ground beef (expertly grilled by Bugman), a fried egg, goat gouda cheese, lettuce and beets from the farmer’s market; tomato from my garden; and a bun and BBQ sauce from the store.

Are you ready for this photo?

Here goes:

A thing of beauty: the Scottsbluff Aussie burger


My mouth is still watering, just thinking about it.

If you want to make your own Scottsbluff Aussie burger, you can go shopping for supplies at the farmer’s market Saturday morning.

(NOTE: as we learned with second helpings the next day, the burger tastes best if the beet slices are still warm.)

Copyright 2011 by Katie Bradshaw

3 Comments leave one →
  1. August 11, 2011 11:36 pm

    Sounds divine!

  2. Rick Myers permalink
    August 12, 2011 10:06 am

    Don’t think the fried egg adds anything to it, but everything else looks great.

    • Katie Bradshaw permalink
      August 12, 2011 6:04 pm

      Oh, but the fried egg does indeed add something to it! Especially the yolk.

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