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Yes!! The farmer’s market is still going!!!

October 9, 2010

I’ve been a bit appalled by how many people, when I say “I’m going to / I was at the farmer’s market,” say “oh, I didn’t know it was still going.”


The farmer’s market is still going!!!!!

(Geez, I sure hope people weren’t relying on my nearly-weekly blog posts about the farmer’s market to judge whether or not it was open. I was on vacation, and I’ve been trying to work on the house, so the blog has suffered.)

I don’t have pictures from today’s market, but I was there. I saw being sold: eggs, chickens, goat cheese, goat meat, oodles of pumpkins, piles of different kinds of squash, peppers, onions, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onion, sunflower seed heads, sorghum stalks, Indian corn, crafts, baked goods (including the Colorado bread company), etc. etc., etc.

There’s tons of stuff there still!!!

And, even better, when the downtown market does eventually end, there WILL be a winter market.


  • Hampton Inn Conference Center
  • So far November 6 & 27 and December 4 & 18, to continue into spring
  • 1-4 pm
  • fun stuff in addition to local goods
  • For more info, contact Kathi Manville 308-787-1111 (How do you get a number with four “1s”? That’s cool!)

In the meantime, I will treat you to some photos of what you missed last week.

Pumpkins by a Chevy truck. Vendor said she was also selling at TLC.

Kathi Manville (aka Country Chicken Girl) exhibited some of her pumpkin-carving skills, and had to label the pumpkins as being “real” because they looked too perfect!

I brought my childhood wagon to the market so we could lug home some pumpkins for carving ourselves. (I’m planning to steal an idea from one of those stoopid lawn inflatables for my pumpkin carving.)

In addition to to pumpkins, the wagon contains an heirloom squash grown on the Everett farm (in the middle, sandwiched between the white pumpkins). It tastes great in the following recipe:

  • 2 cups cooked squished squash
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 cup broth
  • chili powder to taste
  • serve with tortilla chips

There was also Indian corn on the wagon. I had a really hard time choosing which ears to purchase.

They are so beautiful! Especially up close!

I also hauled home a boatload of soap, courtesy of Creative Bubbles. I love how this soap smells and feels!!! I bought a whole bunch to send to people as gifts. Which I why I photographed the sides, so, just in case they read the blog, they won’t know what they’re getting. Aren’t the Halloween boxes of soap cool? Especially since it says “eat at your own risk.” Heh.

Speaking of gifts, Beeloved has a lovely flavor for the hot-lidays: Very Mary, Spicy Berry.

Kitty likes it so much, she can’t stop rubbing her face on it.

Shop the market next Saturday!

That is all.

Copyright 2010 by Katie Bradshaw

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  1. October 10, 2010 8:53 am


    I keep getting nervous when it gets cold. Will the market end when it freezes? Also, do you know whether the bread company will be doing the winter market? It’s so nice to have specialty breads. I’ve gotten addicted to french toast made with their White Chocolate, Lemon Sage bread on Sundays!

    Thanks for keeping us informed.


    • Katie Bradshaw permalink
      October 10, 2010 11:01 am

      I forget exactly which day is the last, but next week is definitely a “go”. Ask Kathi Manville. She’d know for sure. And yes, the CO bread company *will* be participating in the winter market. They had an email notification sheet last week for customers to sign up to make sure they didn’t miss it. 🙂

  2. October 10, 2010 7:01 pm

    superb–as always!


  1. SCB Citizen – Yes! The farmers’ market is still going!

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