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Blue!! Grass!!! Festival!!!!

August 25, 2010

I am royally bummed right now.

Way back in the heyday of BMG, I bought an album called “UFO TOFU,” pretty much on the basis of the quirky album title.

I loved it.

I fell down a Béla Fleck / bluegrass rabbit hole.

It’s impossible for me to keep my tapping toes still when Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys kick into the uptempo bit of Blue Moon of Kentucky.

And now, I find out that near Bayard this weekend, just 20 miles from my home, there’s an annual bluegrass festival, with camping facilities, in the shadow of Chimney freaking Rock, and I can’t go! Gaaaah!!

So, I am posting this on my blog, such that any of you within a reasonable driving distance can attend and tell me all about it later and make me jealous. You can go Friday night, all durned day on Saturday, or check out the gospel music Sunday morning. (Or all three!)

Here’s the dealie-o on the Oregon Trail Wagon Train Bluegrass Festival website. Click the photos of the bands and it’ll take you to the band websites.

I spoke with Jody Adams of Palmer Divide this afternoon, and I wanted to share a cool story that won’t make it into Friday’s brief preview in the paper.

The band Jody played with when he was in his native Oklahoma was invited to play for the Fourth of July at the White House (Reagan was president at the time). On the flight from Oklahoma City to D.C., a flight attendant got wind of the musical journey underfoot, announced it to the plane occupants, and asked Jody if he’d play for the people.

Jody obliged, shouldering his seasoned fiddle and doing a 32,000-foot rendition of “Somewhere over the Rainbow.”

Love it!

I *will* be at that festival next year. Oh yes. I will.

Copyright 2010 by Katie Bradshaw

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  1. August 25, 2010 10:29 pm

    When you love it–you love it!

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