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The parade of businesses

August 18, 2010

Since I first checked out the Scottsing area a year ago, lots of changes have taken place in area businesses. It’s interesting how many things have changed in this short amount of time, and I’m only going to mention a few.

There is no longer anyplace in town to rent a movie with cash. Blockbuster closed, as did the Movie Gallery. Only options now are to borrow a vid from the library or use plastic at Redbox. (Or use Netflix.)

The Hallmark store closed at the mall.

Copperfield Books also closed its doors at the mall, but it didn’t go away, thank goodness! Instead, it relocated to the hipper downtown Scottsbluff.

A cute little coffee-and-sandwich shop closed in the same month that a Jimmy John’s opened. The Jimmy John’s took over half the building formerly allocated to the Sears store, so Sears moved to downtown Scottsbluff (where Sears stores belong!).

I’m very happy that Copperfield and Sears have moved downtown. I love the downtown area and want it to thrive.

The grocery store nearest my home, Family Thrift Center, closed. This one’s really got me bummed out. I never shopped at Safeway or Panhandle Coop because they are farther away and on less bike-friendly streets. I’ve shopped both of them now, and neither one carries everything I used to buy at FTC.

Hate to say it (and hate to shop there because it’s so big), but I think Walmart might be the best bet for one-trip grocery shopping. (I hear they even carry kimchee!) Or not. I haven’t actually shopped there yet.

(Yes, there’s Nutter’s health food store, too, but I know they won’t carry everything I want at prices I’m willing to pay.)

But at least Scottsbluff has grocery stores. Gering only just now got a convenience mart as its only grocery retailer.

Funny how much I took the grocery stores in my previous cities for granted.

I won’t bother to mention the turnovers in restaurants, save one. This wasn’t a closure so much as a change in ownership.

The owners of The Emporium Coffeehouse & Cafe have taken over management of Skyport Restaurant and Lounge. I hope this doesn’t mean the Emporium will get neglected. It already suffers occasionally from long waits between ordering and food arrival. I really wish the menu would change up once in awhile. I would go there more often, but I’m getting tired of what’s on the menu. I would also prefer some less-expensive sandwich-type options for the evening meal.

That’s about it for my random thoughts about the ever-changing parade of businesses in the area.

Copyright 2010 by Katie Bradshaw

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