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Oh, hail!

June 2, 2010

Yep, if I’d had a gazing globe in my yard, it’d be shattered.

Last Monday, some icky weather blew through Scottsbluff. I was out slogging through mud and smaller hailstones in Sioux and Dawes Counties, so I missed the show. Probably a good thing. The car was spared, at least. I was going to say I wasn’t as stressed because I didn’t have to witness the property damage, but driving on rural roads in the middle of nowhere with a supercell storm approaching is pretty stressful, too.

From what I hear, there were actually three waves of hail to pound the city, with stone sizes ranging from pea to golfball-plus. We were lucky. None of our windows were shattered.

The garden plants got a bit shredded, but I think most of them will recover. We might have roof damage, but we won’t know until the adjuster comes out.

Our brand-new gutters got dented, but I think they’re still functional.

We’ve got holes in our siding. We’ve got insurance to cover that.

But the most annoying thing to me is the damage to the deck railing. I spent so much time carefully sanding out the old hail dings!

Augh! Splinters!

THAT must have been an interestingly-shaped hailstone! It left quite a deep mark.

As the old farmer said, this place would be paradise if not for the wind and the hail.

Copyright 2010 by Katie Bradshaw

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