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The Woodshed

April 14, 2010

I like reuben sandwiches. I’ve tried them in Cheyenne and in Mitchell, and those were okay. I’ll probably never find another like my true love, the veggie reuben (which had zucchini and yellow squash instead of corned beef), which Dublin Bay back in Ames, Iowa, took off their menu and refused to put back, despite REPEATED requests (grumble, grumble).

So, when someone suggested to me that I try The Woodshed (18 E. 16th St., Scottsbluff) for the best reuben in town, I was game. I just had to get over a little giggle-inducing foible about the name first.

Anyone seen the movie Cold Comfort Farm?

I saw something nasty in the woodshed.” (See 1:47 in this movie trailer). Hee hee.

OK, now that that’s cleared up, on to the restaurant review, and a note: The Woodshed does not accept credit cards.

The decor in The Woodshed is all about dark wood paneling, stained glass, assorted antiques, and random photographs. Several couples dining that evening sat side-by-side on the bench seat against the wall at their table, rather than facing each other. Apparently, part of the fun of the restaurant is watching the other patrons.

Husband ordered a poultry pierogi dinner, which comes with bread, a side salad, and ice cream for dessert. The kindly waitroid asked if I’d like a salad with my reuben sandwich as well.

“We have great salads.”

“OK, sure.”

When our salads arrived, husband and I looked at each other and worked mightily to suppress a laugh. Apparently our idea of a “great salad” is significantly different from the going concept at The Woodshed.

It was a small bowl of crisp iceberg lettuce with -one- tomato slice and two packages of crackers on the side. Not bad, but not my idea of “great”.

My reuben was quite good. Nothing to die for, but the best I’ve had in quite awhile. A nice addition was the availability of “Tulkoff’s Tiger Sauce“, which is a horseradishy-mayonnaise made by a company founded in the 1930s. The decoration on the Tiger Sauce serving bottle looked vintage, and I wondered how long it had been around.

Husband really liked his pierogi, which is a weekend specialty, though he said I probably wouldn’t like it because it appeared to be smothered (more food smothering!) with a mushroom-soup-based sauce.

Since husband was getting ice cream with his meal, I had to order some too. The small scoop of spumoni-flavored ice cream was quite tasty, though you had to watch the occasional small ice chunk. Brrrr on dental fillings! But the chewy chunks of cherry were definitely welcome!

I think The Woodshed is worth a visit, particularly if you’ve not been there since the smoking ban. I hear the smoke haze made The Woodshed, erm . . . nasty, but the air is nice and clear now.

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Copyright 2010 by Katie Bradshaw

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