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Finding inspiration in the climate

March 15, 2010

I'm used to Illinois/Iowa daily temp changes of about 17 degrees, not the 27-degree difference of the high plains.

When someone asks me what I like best about living in Scottsbluff so far, I immediately answer “the climate”. For someone used to harsher winters, Scottsbluff is almost like living in a subtropical locale.

According to data on Weather Underground, in January and February, there were 45 days with high temperatures above freezing, and every day in March so far has done the same. It’s blissful to get a little warmth mid-day!

On the flip side, it tends to get a little colder here at night than I’m used to, given the daytime temperatures. Weather Underground says that temps dropped into the freeze zone every night so far this year, save for one cloudy night in March.

Above freezing every day, below freezing every night. Add a little snow to that, and what do you get?


Lots of ice.

Ice that busts potholes into the streets and heaves up sidewalks and makes morning pedestrian and vehicular travel hazardous.

But along with the destruction and hazard there is sometimes beauty.

Below are some photos of Mother Nature taking the freeze-thaw cycle to artistic levels (captured on the bike path in Chatfield State Park).

This reminds me of some Frank Lloyd Wright stained-glass window patterns:

This one reminds me of Pacific Northwest art:

This one makes me think of winter camouflage:

Nature’s ice palette is lovely, isn’t it?

Copyright 2010 by Katie Bradshaw

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  1. March 15, 2010 2:55 pm

    These photos are superb!
    Enter them in a photo contest—any photo contest!
    Win money!


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