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A study of human behavior: the poo-saic

February 18, 2010

As mentioned in my last post, Scottsbluff has a dog park. Quite a nice dog park.

It has separate fenced areas for group-friendly dogs and for individual play.

It has room to run on mulch and gravel and includes agility-course equipment and even a faux fire hydrant.

And it’s free to use.

Why, then? Why must so many dog owners run their dogs on the fields at the Dr. Allan C. Landers Memorial Soccer complex? If everyone were well-behaved, I wouldn’t necessarily have a problem with this. While I have been growled at by free-roaming canines at the park when I was out for a run, it’s not the dogs’ behavior I have a problem with. It’s the owners.


**If you are eating breakfast, or chocolate, or have a queasy stomach, don’t scroll down.**

Still looking?


Here you have it:

The poo-saic, a mosaic of select photographs taken alongside just *one* edge of the soccer complex on a recent frosty morning.


People, you have a DOG PARK to take your dogs to. Why you gotta run them at the PEOPLE PARK? More specifically, why you gotta let them do their business at the PEOPLE PARK, and then not clean it up? You are leaving their feces in a PEOPLE PARK, or, more specifically, a KIDS-WITH-SOCCER-CLEATS-WHO-WILL-DRAG-THE-POO-BACK-INTO-THEIR-FAMILY-VEHICLE PARK.

Please, dog owners, for the love of soccer moms, pick it up!

I am going to delete some select photos from my computer now . . .

Copyright 2010 by Katie Bradshaw

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  1. Jeff permalink
    February 23, 2010 10:48 pm

    …and for a second, I thought that you actually arranged a regular distribution of poos across a span of ground. Then on second glance realized that it was Photoshop. I am less worried now.


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