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What am I doing here?

February 10, 2010

Scottsbluff is a beautiful place to live. A great community. There’s only one problem.

The top of Scotts Bluff is a great place to contemplate the view and one's purpose in life.

When we are introduced to new people, husband is “the new ______ professional in town”.

“And what do you do?” people ask.

I have no reply.

I am the trailing spouse. Have been for a few relocations now. I’ve adapted, and my zig-zag resumé shows it.

Now that we’re in a presumably “permanent” place, I don’t want “just another job”, but rather something fulfilling. Something that I am OK being identified with, since one’s job defines one’s identity in this country. I need to find my ikigai.

I enjoy working with college students, especially in a biology classroom or a study abroad office. I am good at writing and planning and organizing. How can I fit these interests and skills into the worklife of this community?

The Twin Cities Development Association does have an online job listing (though it’s difficult to navigate when you don’t have a particular keyword to search for). And many people I’ve met here have been great about suggesting resources.

Problem is, it’s a small community, and the pool of opportunities is small also.

It may be that I need to create my own opportunities.

Other problem is, I’m not exactly sure what to focus on.

Maybe I can get some more graduate science credits and teach some classes at the community college. Maybe I can develop some study abroad opportunities at the college. Maybe I should take advantage of this time to write and pitch that idea I have for a guidebook about agriculture. Maybe I can develop a freelance writing business. Maybe I can combine all of the above.

Creating my own opportunities will take more mental energy than just dropping into a prefab position. I’m not able to commit that level energy at present, given that I am also a first-time homeowner trying to navigate the bumpy road of home improvement projects. I have a great need to get settled in my home before I turn my attention to a build-it-myself career.

For now, I’ll have to remain without an identity. But I’ll get there. I’ll find my role, or make one.

Copyright 2010 by Katie Bradshaw

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  1. February 10, 2010 11:31 am

    Would you be interested in a list of 4 questions that asks for 10 answers to each question–then asks you to prioritize each of the ten (just what is #1 to you)?
    It’s supposed to be used as a tool to finding your life’s purpose/passion/power!

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