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On finding new running buddies

February 9, 2010

It can be tough to make connections in a new community. That’s why I’m glad the Scottsbluff/Gering area has the Twin Cities Development Association, and, specifically, an Employee Recruitment Manager (Darla Heggem). Darla’s job is, among other things, to showcase the community, answer questions, and help convince potential or newly-arrived residents that this area is a great place to live.

Running anchors my sanity; a running group will help anchor me to the community.

One of this things husband and I missed from the last place we really felt at home (Ames, Iowa) was the fun group of people we went running with every week. I contacted Darla with a few questions, including whether there was a running group in the area. That same day, Darla responded that, while there was no existing running group, she had contacted a local runner, and he was expecting us to call or email.

A few emails, phone calls, and a meeting later, and a new running group was born. The first group run, on a Saturday morning with temps in the 20s, attracted nine people, and the Facebook group now has over 100 members.

If you don’t find an amenity you want in your new community . . . see if you can build it!

Text copyright 2010 by Katie Bradshaw. Photo credit to richermcm at

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