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The amazing, multitasking business

February 1, 2010

As I previously mentioned, the caricature of small-town Ray, Wyoming, in the movie Did You Hear about the Morgans? included characters who held down multiple roles in the community (like the waitress/medical reciptionist/assistant fire chief). In a smaller community, there may not be enough people to fill all the specialized roles a community needs, or there may not be enough traffic to drive a full-time business focused on a single service. Thus, the amazing multitasking business is born.

I’ve already mentioned The Hanlon House Bed & Breakfast, which is not only a B&B serving a “three-course international breakfast”, but also an art gallery, tea room, lecture hall, and concert venue.

Yes! A *sanitary* wedding! Just the ticket!

I’ve traveled past Bluffs Sanitary Supply, and been . . . impressed . . . by the idea of combining the sale of cleaning and party supplies. (I can just see a commercial for this, where a cop shows up at someone’s door for a noise complaint and urges the partiers to “keep it clean, folks”.) I did a double-take at their electronic billboard ad, informing passing motorists that they can get their wedding supplies at Bluffs Sanitary.

But I must say, the award for the Ultimate Scottsbluff Multitasking Business has to go to . . . Paradise.

I first became aware of Paradise when I was looking for a car wash. (Wet dirt roads make for a pretty grungy car.) I drove down “fast food row” on a dry day, and saw the telltale wet tire tracks coming out of a car wash. I pulled in, asked for a basic wash, and the attendant mentioned that if I wanted to come in someday for a full-service car wash, I could go inside and have lunch while I waited. He said they had great ribs. OK. A little odd. The adjacent building that he indicated looked like a repurposed fast food building. Maybe they had set up a little traveling BBQ stand there? Ha. Little did I know. I was about to discover the full meaning of Paradise in Scottsbluff.

I met a couple of fellow Scottsbluff newcomers, and they mentioned that they met at Paradise every Friday for their great martini bar. And then, I scheduled a lunchtime meeting with someone, and they suggested meeting at Paradise. I finally looked up Paradise in the phone book, and was duly amazed.

Yes, Paradise is a full-service car wash. Yes, it is a martini bar. Yes, they have a menu that includes edamame, salads, sandwiches, and steak (of course they serve beef!). They also have a coffee-and-smoothie bar. You can access wifi while you dine, or check your email on one of their public access computers while your car’s being vacuumed. But wait! There’s more!

Don’t be surprised to see a half-naked person wander through the restaurant — there are tanning beds in the building. AND, if you bring your pooch along when you get a full-service car wash and don’t want to let the dirty dog in your nice, clean car, there’s also a self-serve dog wash on the premises. Oh, and it has a little gift shop as well.

In summary, Paradise is a car wash, dog wash, coffee shop, martini bar, gift shop, Internet access point, and restaurant. According to a business development article, the multiple-personality business has a secondary purpose of drawing attention to the marketing consulting business which also shares space in the Paradise building. I have to wonder how au courant the consultants are, though. Notice that I didn’t post a single link to Paradise in this entire commentary? That’s right, folks. While Paradise does have a not-too-impressive Facebook profile, it does not have a web page.

Here are some of their martinis. The cajun martini is quite good. Edamame appetizer is yummy. Panini sandwiches are "meh", being served on plain ol' white bread. Salads look prety tasty.

Text copyright 2010 by Katie Bradshaw. Paradise images from their Facebook profile.

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