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San Pedro

January 16, 2010

As mentioned in a previous post, I plan to try the various Mexican/South American restaurants in town. The first one I’m commenting on is San Pedro Mexican Restaurant (misspelled in one phone book and online as “San Tedro”), 23 W. 27th Street. We got a coupon for this restaurant in our welcome basket, so they got the honor of being first. I’ve also passed by the place several times and noticed that they often change the “specials” board on their sign, which would be a nice demonstration of attention to detail if the letters were always oriented correctly.

The staff at the restaurant was OK. Friendly, but not overly so. It was a chilly night, so I asked if hot tea was available, but the only hot beverage they serve is coffee. The chips and salsa were pretty standard, the only highlight being the fresh cilantro in the salsa. Because our coupon was for combination platters, husband and I both ordered those. Our food arrived quickly — not surprising, as it was of the heat-the-plate variety. My combo included a tamale, which I didn’t particularly care for, and a chile relleno. The chile relleno appeared to be stuffed with cream instead of the cheese I am used to, making it a bit of a runny, soggy mess once I cut into it. The refried beans included in the combination were very creamy (lots of fat?). The Mexican rice in the combo included mixed frozen vegetables. Since the “leftover leftover casserole” days of my childhood, I have had a hate-hate relationship with frozen mixed vegetables. Score zero for the Mexican rice.

Summary: I am not a fan of their combo platters, but I am willing to give the place another try. Some of their specials look interesting.

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