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This wouldn’t happen in a big city: 2

November 23, 2009

Having successfully closed on our house (yay!), we just *HAD* to go see it, even though we weren’t officially moving until December. We scheduled a trip out over Thanksgiving to do a little work on the place before we moved in. My mom got the awesome idea of giving us a ladder as a housewarming gift, but not just any, ordinary ladder would do. She wanted to get us a Little Giant Ladder (as seen at the Minnesota State Fair!). Since no local company carried the ladder, she had it shipped direct from the factory.

The problem was, the FedEx delivery date range was before and up to the day we were scheduled to arrive, and the delivery had been specified “signature-only”. Highly unlikely that we would happen to be home at the time of delivery.

But, the day before we were leaving, I got a call from the local FedEx office. I explained my predicament, and asked if he could hold the ladder for us to pick up, instead of delivering. Sure, no problem. And he even gave me his home phone number in case no one was at the warehouse when we arrived! *THAT* wouldn’t happen in a big city!

Copyright 2009 by Katie Bradshaw

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